Friday, July 31, 2009

She is going to eat you alive

And you’re going to deserve
Without reservation the pain
She’s going to strip you down
Till you don’t even know your name

She’s going to rip your heart out
And laugh right in your face
She’s going to introduce you to
The land of darkness with no grace

You don’t even know what a
Succubus is much less what they can do
Matter of fact you won’t know shit at all
When she gets done with you

And you’re volunteering like a motherfucker
You’re like a blind rat after cheese
When she tells you to jump all you ask
Is how high and where please

She’s going to eat your soul
From the inside out
She’s going to murder you
And leave your body to walk about

Smoking from the wreckage
Reeking from the ruin
You have no idea what trail you’re on
No idea what game you are pursuin

But one day she’s going to turn around
And you’re going to be stunned standing there
And then you’re going to sink down to your knees
And slip right into the deepest of deep despair

You have no idea what trail you’re on
No idea what game you’re pursuing
You have no idea at all but you earn your way
Each and every day by what you are doing

This creature is eternal
And dark as the darkest of nights
And you are going to end up hollow
And utterly without a ray of light

11:14 am

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