Friday, July 31, 2009

She is going to eat you alive

And you’re going to deserve
Without reservation the pain
She’s going to strip you down
Till you don’t even know your name

She’s going to rip your heart out
And laugh right in your face
She’s going to introduce you to
The land of darkness with no grace

You don’t even know what a
Succubus is much less what they can do
Matter of fact you won’t know shit at all
When she gets done with you

And you’re volunteering like a motherfucker
You’re like a blind rat after cheese
When she tells you to jump all you ask
Is how high and where please

She’s going to eat your soul
From the inside out
She’s going to murder you
And leave your body to walk about

Smoking from the wreckage
Reeking from the ruin
You have no idea what trail you’re on
No idea what game you are pursuin

But one day she’s going to turn around
And you’re going to be stunned standing there
And then you’re going to sink down to your knees
And slip right into the deepest of deep despair

You have no idea what trail you’re on
No idea what game you’re pursuing
You have no idea at all but you earn your way
Each and every day by what you are doing

This creature is eternal
And dark as the darkest of nights
And you are going to end up hollow
And utterly without a ray of light

11:14 am

Sunday, July 12, 2009

From the Land of Dark Songs....four

I wish I was more stupid

Than I could have as many friends as you
I wish I was more stupid
Than I'd know just what to do

I'd know when to go along
When to tuck my tail and run
How to hang somebody out
And do it all for fun

I wish I was more stupid
Than I could whisper cheat and lie
I could sleep the sleep of a creep
And do it till the day I die

I wish I didn't have to own up
To what I scheme and plot and plan
Than I wouldn't have to stand on
My own two feet like a full grown man

I wish I was smug and condescending
I wish I was better than everyone else
Than I wouldn't have to consider others
And keep the focus on my small inner self

I wish I was pathetic and weak
I wish I could cover it up with false pride
Everybody knows it's easier for knuckle heads
Who only have to consult the idiot winds

To help them to decide

11:19 am
transcribed this time
1:36 pm


From the Land of Dark Songs.....three


This great emptiness of betrayal
This great ignorance of deliberate loss
This great sell out of individual freedom
And replacement of dull bureaucracy as boss

This brow beating and manuevering
Has replaced viable critical thought
Do we all get to play everything's ok
Unless of course we get caught

How low is too low
But I already know the answer to that
There is no low some won't go
In their distortion of truth honor and facts

I've never seen more self indulgence
Be more self righteous in its proclamations
Like regression moving with obsession
Can create anything

But cult like worship
In the church of self justification

3:34 pm
transcribed this time
1:30 pm


From the Land of Dark Songs......two

In the Land of Special Priviliges

In the land of special priviliges
I ask for none
I rise each day
And greet the morning sun

With my integrity intact
With my word still ringing true
Who are these people
That want to tell me about you

Like we're all supposed to
Divide and choose sides
I don't get it
Who is it that decides

What is valuable
What determines worth
But I guess that's the question
Ever since man has walked the earth

What part plays the heart
In all we say or are told
What brings us closer
To the whole of the soul

I'm not the one who left you
And tarnished hearth and home
I'm notthe one who abandoned
The truth to stand alone

I never sold out friendship
I never made that back room deal
I never spoke of honest earnings
And then took what I could steal

9:33 am
transcribed this time
1:25 PM


From the Land of Dark

First You Have To Learn

To rip out each others guts
To scratch out each others eyes
To swear to tell the truth
And then start right in with lies

No mercy is the rule
No compassion is the way
Live in fear of being a fool
And then insist on what you say

Not having to be a part of
Anything to do with being fair
What is the cost of a love
That will not endeavor to dare

To live up to any standard
To measure up to any bar
Except to ignore the simplicity

What we do is what we are

10:00 pm
transcribed this time
1:20 pm


Monday, April 13, 2009

What does it take

What does it take to knock the arrogance out of a man
What does it take to shake up his false pride
What does it take to remove that ignorant sense of invulnerability
From one who should basically hang his head and hide

How much does it take to make stupid stop
How much does it take to make clever slow down
How much does it take to make half baked fake flakes
Get up and run high pitched screaming from town

How exposed does a mr self important have to get
How embarrassing does a fool have to be
Before the shock waves roll back on him
And rip open his eyes wide enough to see

How much does it take to shake the foundation to the core
And burn down the walls and halls and roof
If only for one flash bang of a moment
If only to get at one brief glimpse of the truth

8:18 am
transcribed this time
8:31 am


Monday, March 23, 2009

Everyone and No One

Everyone and No one

No one has ever suffered loss
No one has ever endured pain
No one has ever been shunned
No one has ever been falsely been blamed

Everyone is innocent
There are no gossips here
There is no puffed up false bravado
Covering over fear

No one is in the back room
No one is whispering low
No is plotting and planning
To lay somebody low

Everyone is happy
There is no sorrow here
There are no wrongs continued
To cover over tears

The evening sun is going down
The wind is blowing in
What was in our heart in the beginning
Will be our reward in the end

7:05 pm
transcribed this time
9:04 am