Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Men

Little Men don’t know where they’re going
Little Men don’t know where they’ve been
All they know is that the highest bidder
Is of course their new best friend

Little men love to lecture
Little men love to rattle and prattle on
Little men think they’re the teacher
In the school of who is going to get conned

Little men want to make it out
That it’s everybody else that are the fools
They really don’t even know what the game is
They just want to make up all the rules

Little men rarely speak of what they’re for
They just rail and flail at who their against
It’s hard to walk any kind of sensible line
While the whole time you’re straddling the fence

Who is it that supports the little man
They certainly seem to like to stay in the back ground
And away from those pesky open public discussions
Where things like facts dates and documents abound

12:30 pm
transcribed this time
5:30 pm


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